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11/29/2006 1:14:35 PM Link 0 comments | Add comment

 What's made all the big time internet companies what they are today is price.  Let's face it, we all want a good deal.  Unfortunately, while this will work with most Hotel rooms and airline seats, it won't work for major vacations, particularly cruises.  And the reason is simple.  Cruising (for instance) is a lot more complicated.  An airline seat is an airline seat.  They are all the same unless flying business or first class.  But a cruise is a whole different ball game.

Stateroom size comes into play.  inside, ocean view, or private balcony?  How about a suite or mini-suite?  What about location of the stateroom on the ship itself?  Want your stateroom right over the top of the disco?  How about space ratio?  Do you know what that is?   And we haven't even discussed itineraries, options, children's programs, date of sailing and all the other factors that work into the pricing of your cruise.  It just isn't that simple.  And that's why shopping for a cruise isn't as simple as a good price.

Our agents approach every sale from the standpoint of putting themselves on board that ship & in the client's shoes.  What does the client expect from their cruise experience.  Are they shoppers or beach bums, or a little of each?  Do they favor scenery or historical sites?  Both?  These are some of the questions we ask our clients when they contact us.  Why?  Because then we can suggest the right ship, the right itinerary, and help them pick the stateroom best suited to what their needs are...not on the price.  Then, when we agree this is what the client wants, we'll go out and get the best possible price for that cruise.  Getting the most for the dollar spent is called VALUE.   Price is not's simply a monetary figure that means nothing.  

Our agents spend hours and hours a day (often more than 8 hours) at least 5 days a week (sometimes more) learning all they can about the ships, itineraries, ports of call, children's programs on board, what one cruise line might do better than another, or one ship within a cruise line that might be better (or worse) for a specific reason.  Then, as we work with each prospective client, or repeat customer, we can usually fit them on the right cruise at the right price.  (there's that word VALUE again)  And, by the way, we don't just study the ships.  As owners of 7 Seas Cruise Co., my wife and I have logged nearly 50 cruises on various lines and ships.  When you deal with 7 Seas, you can be sure we know what we're talking about.   We hope you enjoy this blog.  We'll try to keep you informed and up to date as we go along.  Let us know if there's a subject you'd like to see tackled here.......Roy & Susan Anderson / 7 Seas Cruise Co.


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