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Why a cruise?

People ask us all the time:  "why should I take a cruise?"  OR, more likely "my wife (or husband) says he / she doesn't want to take a cruise".   It's funny to us because we know that in over 90% of these cases where we've actually gotten someone to take a cruise, they've booked another cruise, usually within a few months of their return from the first one.  So, why are these people so adament about not wanting to go on a cruise?  Likely because they haven't got a clue as to what a cruise is all about these days.  Here's a couple of real examples:

My own brother in law.  My sister wanted to go, so he said OK.  They went with us and several other couples, many of whom they knew, so they were more comfortable with going with this particular group.  I remember distinctly that "John" told me that he'd take several books along as he likes to read, and there wouldn't be enough to do on board to keep him busy.   After we returned from the trip, I asked him how much reading he got done.  He said "other than the airplane to and from San Juan, Puerto Rico, I didn't crack a book!"  

A retired navy man in his 50's tells us he won't set foot on another ship.  He'd had enough of that in the Navy.  Yes, I know this sounds dumb, but it actually happened, and it's happened more than once.  Same guy after a cruise that his wife MADE him go on...asking us about what's the best time to go to Alaska on a cruise so he can go again.

Have you ever tried to explain what a cruise is all about?  If you have a good explanation, we'd love to hear from you, because I've been on nearly 50 cruises and I still can't explain a cruise to someone who hasn't got a clue.  If they know absolutely nothing about a cruise, how do you put into words all the wonderful things about a cruise?  It simply has to be experienced to be believed.  And, of course, the value of a cruise is another aspect of why they're becoming so popular.  But that's food for a whole different article.  Keep watching, and we'll keep writing...

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