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You deserve a special vacation.

Let one of our Cruise Specialists at

7 Seas Cruise Co.

help you with the cruise vacation of your dreams.

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  • A commission structure that makes sense!
  • Geared to each individual and their individual needs and payed on time.
  • Front office support! Real help when you need it, not just lip service.
  • Use of our website, create your own, or link to ours... your choice.
  • An association of Cruise Only home based agencies striving for the good of all.
  • 7 Seas Cruises is a member of NACTA, CLIA, and
  • We carry Florida and California seller of travel.
  • Ownership of your client base and all new clients you add to your business remain yours.
  • Use of a proven Internet based client tracking and booking system.
  • Agent Seminars and training opportunities.
  • No Ownership “shielding”. Owners/Partners are availble to help you grow your business. We won’t hide behind others. We are just a phone call away.
At 7 Seas Cruise Co. WE WORK FOR YOU
If you're successful, we’re successful!  That’s our work ethic and our method of working with our independent agents.  Instead of “going it alone”, we’re all part of a family of independent agencies. You own your business, and conrol your information. But, you have the benefit of combining your sales with others, like you, to insure the highest commissions from all cruise line suppliers.

7 Seas Cruise Co. has Calfornia and Florida Seller of Travel numbers for your use. No need to spend any more money and do more paperwork!  We also carry $1,000,000 in Errors and Omissions Insurance.  When you join with 7 Seas Cruises, there’s nothing for you to do but continue selling cruises.

DON’T BE FOOLED by the high pressure tactics at some large “franchise” companies. You won’t get that here; just honest answers, friendly service, and a simple contract, not confusing double-talk.

We offer a name brand Intrenet based booking system. How would you like to...
  1. Not have to rely on software that takes up space on your hard-drive?
  2. Not worry about your computer “crashing” and losing your entire data base?
  3. Have a simple system that you can rely on?
  4. Access your clients, get their phone numbers, send them email, or check on their status from any computer, anywhere in the world?
  5. Access group space simply?
  6. Check on your own sales from month to month, quarter to quarter, or year to year?
  7. Check commissions earned so that you know when and what amounts will be on your next commission check? 
  8. Know how much commission you have been earned for the year at a glance?

If you’d like to do all of those things, we can make it happen! Once you sign on with 7 Seas Cruises, we will give you access to our Internet based booking and client tracking system and information systems. You can’t lose data because it’s not stored in your system. If your system goes down, simply log on later and everything is there leaving you more time to sell vacation dreams and make more money!

Let’s Talk Commissions: Write your own Contract Concept

We’ve developed a plan that is totally fair to all parties. Yes, we need to make a profit also. We, like you can’t work for zero profit But we also understand the need for you to make money too!

Although you don’t physically “write your own contract”, you have more choices with 7 Seas than with any other program.

It begins with our simple application process. 7 Seas offers several different levels of compensation programs depending on levels of production, experience and education.

We’re looking for serious producers who are in the business to make money. We are NOT a hobby for free travel. If this sounds like somehing for you, contact us and find out how you can earn great commissions in a friendly atmosphere and be your own boss.

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